Friday, 28 November 2014

Envelope Punch Board Masterclass

Hello Everyone

Something new today - a little trailer for my Envelope Punch Board Masterclass. This will be a paid video class - with 8 projects, plus a little bonus project available for £6.50.

You will receive links to all 10 videos, (there is an introduction with stamping hints), as well as printed measurements for each project. You will see the projects in two colour ways - a wedding or celebration version and a festive version - but of course you can make them any way you like!

The price of this class is just £6.50

Don't worry - this does NOT mean I am stopping doing my free videos each week - this is just a little extra I am offering, which will help me pay for doing my free ones :)

Click to buy securely and I will send you your video class and measurements.

Love Elizabeth X

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