Saturday, 25 October 2014

Soooo Blessed!

Hello Everyone

I have some news to share and have chosen to do it with a video. I hope it will make you smile.

Love Elizabeth X


  1. This made me cry again Liz! So proud of you and to be part of your team, Tracy xx

  2. So very proud of you very well deserved, enjoy every moment x x x

  3. Liz - how articulate are you - brilliant communicator as always, you truly are the embodiment of all Stampin' Up! stands for. Tissues out, and a standing ovation yet again! Bask in the glory much love - a fellow Inkee xxx

  4. Congratulations! I am so GLAD that you shared your moment on YouTube. What a terrific team of women that you have. Obviously, your leadership reflects what an amazing woman you are. Thank you for sharing what you love on YouTube. Your videos inspire my creativity as well as the creativity of women (men too) ACROSS the WORLD!

  5. Wow how wonderful and congrats its fantastic xx


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