Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Royal Wedding Class

Hello Everyone

You may have noticed we have a bit of a big wedding going on in the UK this month - so with this in mind I planned a slightly wedding themed class for my lovely ladies this month.

We started with a cute all in one box with a pop up lid. I learned how to make this from lovely Catherine, whose wedding is also this month. (Different Catherine - I don't think Kate Middleton made her own invitations and decorations!)

Now we actually made a Baja Breeze one in class, but this is a similar style, (I don't think I have a photo of the Baja one). It is hard to see quite how it pops up - but you may be able to see from the photo below...

I did lots of wedding samples recently to inspire some special people. Laura who just got engaged, Diana whose daughter's wedding is this week and Jan S who makes and sells wedding favours.

I will share some more of these in more detail over the next couple of months, but in the meantime I will be back with more projects from our April class soon.


  1. love these boxes...i remember watching Prince Charles and Lady Diana get married on television...hope this marriage is much better for Prince William and Kate

  2. Oh! My! What a display!!!!! I am all J... ;)


  3. Wow - beautiful collection! It is going to be a fabulous class.

  4. What a great grouping, you are going to have so much fun and it will be so exciting.

  5. Wow, this is a showstopper! What a wonderful assortment of crafting goodies :) I had the joy of visiting London last summer for 2 weeks nad we just went giddy knowign we've seen all the spots where the tv will be showing soon! x-oxo

  6. What a fun grouping of projects to commemorate the big event! I don't think Kete made her invites either...ut she should have! Especially when they are THIS cute! :

  7. These are wonderful inspiration and hanks for the link to the pop up box. I'll have to have a go at that.

    Sara xx


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