Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Christmas All Wrapped Up!

Hello Everyone

I confess to being very organised - my DH says I scare people with my organisation! LOL  Anyway, that is how I am and I hate to do anything last minute.

So I can tell you that my Christmas shopping is all done. :) Yay! I will just be hanging decorations and baking during December - no trailing around the shops for me.

Now there is a reason I am telling you all this - and it is to do with today's project. I always wonder what to do with all the brown paper - reams and reams of the stuff - that arrives safely packing my Stampin' Up! deliveries. It usually goes in the paper recyling bin - but I decided to try a bit of re-purposing and use it for my Christmas wrapping.

I had already made my Christmas tags, (I know scary organising again!), so I stamped the paper in matching Elegant Eggplant ink using the Serene Snowflakes stamps.

The paper is quite crumpled as you can see - but I think it gives a Shabby Chic wrapping effect that I like. So what do you do with your Stampin' Up! packing paper?


  1. Now that is a great use of the packing stuff. I like the purple stamped snowflake on it. Thanks for sharing this fun idea

  2. Love it, glad I am not the only one who gets all the presents done by Thanksgiving. I like to keep December open for fun stuff :)

  3. excellent! You get a virtual star for being green. Love it.

  4. Oh, that's a great idea! I always end up with tons of that stuff!

  5. I haven't even thought about Christmas shopping yet.... I'm honestly not in the mood to "do" Christmas this year after losing my Mom in September. You totally impress me, though!!

    And I LOVE the idea for all of your packing paper wrapping paper!!!

  6. Great job!! Love that idea for your Christmas wrap too. I am a little over half way done with my shopping. I try and have it done by Thanksgiving and then the holidays are more enjoyable.

  7. Elizabeth, you are amazing! Kudos to you for already finishing up your holiday shopping. I am SO jealous! This is a wonderful idea to reuse that packing material. I just got an order the other day, now I'm going to rescue that paper from the recycle bin! Haha! TFS! :)


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